1 January 2010

Xmas and New Year

I hope everyone had a lovely christmas and today is now 2010 so happy new year!

The other day I had a quick look back over my work from 2009, and Im really happy how much Ive grown. I really put everything into photography last year (and will be again this year) and Im so glad that all my effort is paying off with magazine features etc.
I have some exciting shoots lined up for this year that will be great too.

I recently set up an account on this website -- www.formspring.me/sophieellen -- as I wanted to do some sort of FAQ on this blog, but if you ask me questions on there I will post them on my blog too.

Heres a couple Ive been asked already:

Q-What was your first camera ever?
A-A Canon A-1 (film camera) given to me by my step dad when I was 14ish. Didn't really understand how to use it to begin with but it was great learning film before digital, and I still use that camera now.

Q-How do you get such gorgeous models? do you use an agency?
A-I usually go through model agencies yes, using their models on a tf* basis or booking them for client shoots.
Sites like Model Mayhem are great too, to find models willing to work on a tf* basis to build up their portfolios

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