28 March 2010

Derelict Hospital Revisit

Last weekend we went to a derelict hospital, to revisit just under a year later and see what had changed.
All that had really changed is it had got alot more smashed up!

We managed to get into a few buildings that we hadn't last time, so that was good.

Here's a few photos I took there:

17 March 2010

Olive Cottage

One of my more personal projects I'm doing is photographing derelict buildings. I'm tying it in with a uni project and making a book with the final photos.

A couple of weeks ago we had our first explore of 2010, in a little cottage not too far from where I live.

1st photo - me in the cottage
2nd photo - my photo of one of the main rooms.

14 March 2010

Roses Are Red

Here's the first photo from my photoshoot with Skye on wednesday.
The others wont be released yet as we're hoping for them to be published.

I'm really pleased with this photo, its exactly what I wanted for a beauty photo with the roses.

11 March 2010

LouLou Loves You Photoshoot

Yesterday I had an amazing shoot with the stunning model Skye, Tracey Woodhouse (Vivid Make Up Design) on make up, Underwear and accessories from Lou Lou Loves You and using The Vision Studio. Oh, and a load of red roses too!

Such a great team to work with, a nice relaxed shoot in which we got some great photos.
I love how these behind the scenes photos show Skye wearing socks with the underwear!

8 March 2010

Uni Work - Photoshop

Today was the halfway critique for our photoshop module.
For this project I am exploring the idea of beauty, relating to fashion magazines, what we perceive as beauty, perfection, what the media shows us.. etc..
I'm developing this idea so it is something that relates to my beauty / fashion work - to show me how I can take this further using photoshop and express different meanings from simple photographs.

Here's the first two photos I've done (we have to do 2 for todays crit, and now 4 more for the final hand in)
The first one is exploring the theme of cloning, using myself as the model.
The second one is looking at perfection, a manipulation making her more doll-like.

6 March 2010


Today I had a shoot with a stunning new face, Victoria. She hasn't done many shoots but I love her long red hair so thought we'd do a relaxed shoot, just me & her. I haven't done this in a while - I usually always shoot with a make up artist now, but it was nice to just have a play about. And also it was my first shoot with my new camera (!) so it was a great shoot to try this out.

I've upgraded a lot of my equipment lately, my laptop was slowly dying on me so I've bought an amazing 21.5in iMac. Also I wanted to upgrade my Canon 400D camera, so I've taken a huge step up to a Canon 5D mk ii, with a 24 - 105mm lens. From what I can see of the quality of these photos, its brilliant!
I have a big shoot planned for wednesday, so I'm looking forward to using it again then.

Here's a few photos from today, we done a quick shoot this morning, a couple of hours in the studio and then an hour on location.

4 March 2010

Creative Boom

I've been featured on Creative Boom (Cambridge) - http://www.creativeboom.co.uk/cambridge/2010/03/03/sophie-ellen-lachowycz-photographer/