6 March 2010


Today I had a shoot with a stunning new face, Victoria. She hasn't done many shoots but I love her long red hair so thought we'd do a relaxed shoot, just me & her. I haven't done this in a while - I usually always shoot with a make up artist now, but it was nice to just have a play about. And also it was my first shoot with my new camera (!) so it was a great shoot to try this out.

I've upgraded a lot of my equipment lately, my laptop was slowly dying on me so I've bought an amazing 21.5in iMac. Also I wanted to upgrade my Canon 400D camera, so I've taken a huge step up to a Canon 5D mk ii, with a 24 - 105mm lens. From what I can see of the quality of these photos, its brilliant!
I have a big shoot planned for wednesday, so I'm looking forward to using it again then.

Here's a few photos from today, we done a quick shoot this morning, a couple of hours in the studio and then an hour on location.

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Doug's Graphics said...

You're gonna love the 5D Mk II -- I love mine! I just wish it had more autofocus points, but otherwise it's a fine tool. Great shots, I love the look of your new model.