12 April 2010

Derelict Mill

Yesterday we went to a derelict mill - Quite different from our usual hospitals & RAF bases, but still great!

You can't tell atall from my photos, but it was possibly the scariest place we've been to! Purely just because of its height.
To get to each floor we had to climb up wobbly wooden ladders, and the highest floors were soo high!
There were big holes in the floors, pigeon poo everywhere but the light was gorgeous.
I wouldn't say I'm scared of heights, but there was one bit where I come up one of the ladders and realised the bit I was standing on was overhanging the rest of the building (meaning it was an extension bit higher up, more out to the side than the rest of it, so there was nothing underneath supporting this bit, just quite a way to the road below!) and there was a hole in this and I looked down & got so scared! haha

Anyway, I made it out alive and here's some of my photos:

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Gina Soden said...

nice work sophie.. that in London by any chance..I don't recognise that but have been to a few in London :)