9 May 2010

Emily Wilkinson's Lookbook

I've been doing alot of shoots lately, so will blog about them separately.

One shoot I've done was for one of the Fashion student's final collection, Emily contacted me and wanted to shoot in the derelict building I've used before, as it links in with her theme of her outfits.
It was a great day, there were 5 different outfits to shoot. Its been a while since i done a shoot there, so it was nice to be back. I'll definitely be doing one or two more there this summer.

Model: Sydney Hellmers

Here's a few behind the scenes pics Emily took on the day:

And some of the final photos:


Cecilie Harris said...

I do love your use of this location. The clothes suit it well.

Sophie Ellen Photography said...

Thankyou Cecilie =)