23 July 2010


Lately I've been trying to calm things down a bit, After I finished uni for the summer I went mad doing loads of test shoots - which are now catching up with me and my body needs a rest.
I've had a couple of shoots, a wedding and spending days catching up on my editing. I've had two shoots in London over the past couple of weeks, here are some behind the scenes shots from my shoot this wednesday:

I've got a few great shoots lined up, shooting for a magazine or two over the next month and I'm starting to put plans together for my shoots for uni projects - I'm going into my 3rd year at uni so it all has to be amazing.
I've got a brilliant location lined up to shoot in in october, which I'm really excited about.
And aside from all of that I've got to start researching for my dissertation!
And we've just put our house up for sale so lots to do..
Will update with new photos soon.

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