20 October 2010


My apologies for the lack of blogging / uploading new work at the moment. Things are so busy that I barely have a minute to spare.

I've been quite ill with a kidney infection which put me out of action for a full week, leaving me feeling really behind and hating the fact I had to miss uni - I hate feeling behind with my work and having a backlog of things to do!

Luckily, after 3 different sets of antibiotics, I'm feeling better now and back into the swing of things editing, planning photoshoots and all that uni work..

I've been doing a few shoots recently that I will be uploading soon and have a few more planned for the next couple of months.

Yesterday I was at my old college doing a presentation / talk to the first year photography students. I was quite nervous but it was a great experience, they were lovely and asked loads of questions.
I've been thinking more about the future lately and I definitely think I would like to go into teaching at some point so this was a great thing to do to start preparing me.

Oh and here's a sneaky peak of an editorial I have coming out on 1st december in an online magazine.
It was a collaboration with designer - www.lovebabygrand.com - who was lovely enough to send me some amazing knickers as a thankyou for the shoot!

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