16 December 2010

Christmas Holidays

My Christmas holiday has begun...

Today was the last hand in day for our uni projects this term, my dissertation was due last thursday and 'Multiple Roles' was today.

Now I sit at home absolutely exhausted, thinking back over the work. This term has been a challenge - although we have always had a few projects on the go, this term seemed particularly hard to juggle both.
I have been incredibly busy doing photo shoots and my research work that I've had no time for a social life or anything other than uni work.

For my Multiple Roles module I chose to do a beauty project. This was because it is something I feel I need more of in my portfolio and I wanted to explore a more natural look.
So the main idea for this was to photograph natural beauty, using models in the studio. I was lucky in getting some stunning agency models for this, and I also done a lot of experimentation with 'non models' - which was a great change for me.
(Photos from this project can be seen on my flickr)
For this I have done all the sketchbook work and have 11 final photographs, 2 of which we exhibited at uni:

For my Dissertation (6000 word research project) I wrote an essay on - 'The ideal woman: An investigation into the portrayal of the female nude within the visual arts'
I'm not the best at writing, I got on ok at school but since then I've picked up bad habits and I'm not the best with grammar. So I found this a challenge to do, mostly being getting the motivation to do it. Once I did manage to I found it an interesting project and I've learnt a lot from it.

So now that it is all handed in I impatiently wait for my grades, which we will find out in the new year.

Over the Christmas holiday I will be taking a break, finally I will have a chance to relax.
I will probably be a bit quieter online for a few weeks while I take this time to take a step back.
Though of course me being me, this doesn't mean I won't be doing anything!
I plan to update my website and my wedding photography website, possibly changing the layout too, as well as doing some retouching work.
I will also be making a start on my Final Major Project (This is the exciting project I will be doing next term, that counts for a 3rd of my degree. We get to write our own brief for this and will be exhibiting it in Cambridge and London in June 2011)

I can't wait to make a start on all this in the new year, 2011 is going to be amazing =)

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Rosie said...

Merry Christmas dearest! I only got around to posting half my cards before the snow struck and now I don't trust anything to get delivered. I hope you have a well deserved break and a wonderful Christmas. I'm really looking forward to your show! xxx