23 April 2010

Self Portrait

A simple self portrait taken in the studio whilst photographing for uni work:

Derelict RAF Base Revisit

Continuing with my derelict photography project, last weekend we revisited a derelict RAF Base that we had been to before (http://sophieellenlachowycz.blogspot.com/2009/09/derelict-raf-camp.html)

It was great to go back & see that nothing much had changed atall, and to explore parts that we hadn't before.

Kate @ Face Model Management

I'm getting so busy with uni work & shoots at the mo that I barely have time to breathe.
Luckily, today I have a day off to catch up.

A couple of weeks ago I had a shoot with the lovely Kate & MUA Clare. They travelled to me for a relaxed, summery location shoot. Kate bought along a load of great clothes, so we put together a few outfits and went out to shoot.

These are a couple of photos taken on the day:

12 April 2010

Derelict Mill

Yesterday we went to a derelict mill - Quite different from our usual hospitals & RAF bases, but still great!

You can't tell atall from my photos, but it was possibly the scariest place we've been to! Purely just because of its height.
To get to each floor we had to climb up wobbly wooden ladders, and the highest floors were soo high!
There were big holes in the floors, pigeon poo everywhere but the light was gorgeous.
I wouldn't say I'm scared of heights, but there was one bit where I come up one of the ladders and realised the bit I was standing on was overhanging the rest of the building (meaning it was an extension bit higher up, more out to the side than the rest of it, so there was nothing underneath supporting this bit, just quite a way to the road below!) and there was a hole in this and I looked down & got so scared! haha

Anyway, I made it out alive and here's some of my photos:

10 April 2010

Laura & Joel's Wedding

I've been booked this year for a few weddings..
It's not something I ever thought I'd do, it's beauty and fashion photography that I am interested in, that I want a career in
& alot of people say they 'would never do weddings as it would kill their passion for photography' but I thought I'd give it a go!
I actually enjoyed doing this wedding, So it is something I will be doing alot more (alongside my fashion photography, it wont take over that!)

I'm launching a website soon, specifically for my wedding photography.

Laura booked me for her wedding & then cancelled, which I guess could have been seen as a bad sign, but it was rescheduled (very short notice, only a few days before!) and was a lovely day.

The church service was lovely and then when we come out there was the one thing I was worrying about - Rain!
It was absolutely pouring it down so we didn't manage to get many photos outside which was a shame, But Laura is happy with them all.

Here's some of the photos from the day:

4 April 2010

Derelict Hospital

Today we went to explore a derelict hospital, one we haven't been to yet. From what we heard about the place, we knew it would be very boarded up - So very dark!
(luckily there were some light rooms)

I'm always a bit funny about how dark some of these places are, not so much cos I'm scared of the dark, but these places are quite dangerous and you don't know who is in the dark bits!

Also, when photographing derelict buildings I use only natural light - So dark rooms means no photos.
Here are some of the photos I took:

3 April 2010

Inspire Meet Up

On Friday 26th March, I took a trip to London with the lovely Holly Moss (http://www.flickr.com/photos/hollymossart) to go to the Inspire Meet Up, hosted by Felix Kunze and Lara Jade.
It was a great day and brilliant to meet other photographers that I've only ever spoken to online.
Everyone was so lovely and giving each other great feedback.

Here's a group photo - You can just about see me over to the right!

(Photo Copyright to Chris Davis)