24 May 2010

Digital Photographer Magazine

Here is a scan of my photo published in this month's issue of Digital Photographer Magazine..

This photo won Photo Of The Week on their website a while ago, and is now Photo Of The Month in the Magazine!

20 May 2010

Bluebell Photoshoot

Yesterday I had a great shoot in some woods full of Bluebells, It was so pretty!
I've seen people uploading some photos they've taken in bluebells, and wanted to shoot but thought I wouldn't have time because of all my uni work, now I've finished that I planned a last minute shoot while they are still in bloom.
The team was: Me, Jess (model), Clare (mua) & Brittany (assistant - who took all these great bts photos)

Natural, fashion stuff -

Yes I'm a hair stylist too now! haha -

I had this crazy idea to throw blue paint over the model! worked well but was sooo messy! -

18 May 2010

New Bio

New Bio for my Website -

Sophie Ellen Lachowycz is a young, upcoming portrait photographer, specilising in fashion and beauty photography.

Currently studying BA(hons) Photography at Cambridge School of Art, Sophie also takes on freelance commissions outside of university.

Growing up in a creative family, in her youth she explored different mediums, studying art from a young age and it was through this that she found photography.

Her work is a journey of self discovery, inspired by the natural beauty of the models she photographs. A feminine, romantic approach with a classic look.

Sophie is always experimenting and learning, pushing her work further. She strives to make a name for herself in the industry, with hopes of shooting for high end magazines and clients.

Clients / Publications / Awards:

LouLou Loves you Lingerie, Hair Now Magazine, Perfect Hair Magazine, Bowens Litebook, SupremeBeing Clothing Company - SS10 Lookbook, 2nd Place Student Photographer of the Year 2009 Awards by Digital Photographer Magazine, Photography Monthly Magazine, Fashion Insider Magazine, FaceON Magazine, Glossy Mag, Digital SLR Photography Magazine, Digital Photographer Magazine, GoodBadUgly E-zine, Colours Mag, Amateur Photographer Magazine, Cambridge News newspaper

17 May 2010

Derelict Factory

A few photos from a recent trip to a derelict factory. Probably my least liked explore of all those we have done, the whole place was extremely trashed (generally this helps make a good photo, but this was an extreme) and we bumped into a few very dodgy looking people. (one guy coming towards us down a corridor.. was like a scene out of a horror film!)
I'm only using photos taken in the office buildings there, other than that there was only huge empty factory buildings.

15 May 2010

Hair Magazines

Here's some scans of my photos published recently in Hair Magazines.

11 Photos in May Issue of Perfect Hair Magazine:

6 Photos in May / June Issue of Hair Now Magazine:

Sarah Graham's Lookbook

Another shoot for one for the fashion students..

This shoot was for Sarah Graham, who made a collection of 5 Lingerie pieces - which were lovely! We shot in a Dance/Ballet studio, which was fantastic.
It was the first time I've shot in a building using daylight and artificial light, so a bit of a challenge for me, but I'm pleased with how the lighting (& the photos!) turned out.

Clothing Designer: Sarah Graham
Models: Sophie & Jessica
MUA: Beckee Nicol
Hair: Lisa @ Toni&Guy
Photography & Retouching: Me

Here's a photo of the location I took on my phone:

And the final photos:


This is a test shoot I had quite a while ago (taken a while to edit as I've been so busy) with Thea - Natalie and MUA Michelle Dacillo.
Another shoot that went really well, a simple studio shoot with the aim of getting some good simple, natural beauty shots and a bit of experimenting too.

A couple of these natural shots:

Experimenting with pink lighting:

Also, trying out projecting images onto Thea: (This is something I've wanted to try out for aaaggeess)

Kirsty Unwin's Lookbook

Another shoot for one for the fashion students, a location shoot with 2 models.

Clothing Designer: Kirsty Unwin
Models: Holly & Kathryn
MUA: Clare Barber
Photography & Retouching: Me

9 May 2010

Miggy Borbas' Lookbook

Another shoot for one for the fashion students, this time a simple studio shoot to show her 5 dresses.

Clothing Designer: Miggy Borbas
Model: Kimberly Fisher
MUA: Joanna Sim
Photography & Retouching: Me

Emily Wilkinson's Lookbook

I've been doing alot of shoots lately, so will blog about them separately.

One shoot I've done was for one of the Fashion student's final collection, Emily contacted me and wanted to shoot in the derelict building I've used before, as it links in with her theme of her outfits.
It was a great day, there were 5 different outfits to shoot. Its been a while since i done a shoot there, so it was nice to be back. I'll definitely be doing one or two more there this summer.

Model: Sydney Hellmers

Here's a few behind the scenes pics Emily took on the day:

And some of the final photos: