16 February 2011

Behind the scenes - Ballet Fashion Photoshoot

Last friday I had a brilliant photo shoot for my final major project, with an amazing team.
One part of my project is looking at ballet so I decided to combine this with fashion and started planning this shoot.

I got Katy Cee on board first of all, a stunning model and great ballet dancer: what more could I ask for? I've worked with her before so knew she would be perfect for it.
I then got in touch with Aliya to do the styling for the shoot. She got some lovely dresses, great for spring / summer.
We also had Michaela doing hair & make up, and we done the shoot at Adrian Pini's Studio.

I won't go on too much as these are just the behind the scenes photos for now, but I'm really pleased with how the shoot went & need to get on with the editing now!

A few behind the scenes pics -

Why have I got a massive bag of peas on my head? I stupidly hit it really hard on the weight on the light!

Also a video showing Katy dancing about -

(BTS pics by Dave & Aliya)

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