4 February 2011

Tudor Mansion Editorial

These are the final photos from my recent shoot at an amazing tudor mansion. (See my previous posts for the publication and behind the scenes)

This was such a great shoot, but took alot of planning, I arranged the location a couple of months in advance and then had to sort a team to fit.
The main theme for the shoot was inspired by a story, (I might write about this soon, but I'm not sure how much influence it is going to have over my current project so I'm not revealing it at the moment) so I was in need of a blonde model to fit the character. Sasha Larner replied to my casting call and having seen her work with other great photographers I thought she'd be perfect.
I was also in need of a great wardrobe stylist, I managed to get someone on board pretty early on so I got on planning everything else.
The make up artist / hair stylist for the shoot was Lucy Ridley, who I have worked with before for a couple of beauty shoots.
I also got 2 assistants Dan Heffer and Katie Lawrence, to help out with lighting etc. I rarely have assistants on my shoots, as I prefer to have as small team as possible to keep it comfortable and intimate, but with such a big location I needed a hand.

Everything was going to plan until a few days before the shoot the wardrobe stylist cancelled. (I hate it when that happens!) Luckily, with help from Nikki Goldup and some amazing vintage shops, I managed to pull it around and picked up a load of stunning dresses for the shoot.

The actual day of the shoot went so smoothly, we were left to shoot for the full day and as a team we all pulled together really well to make the most of it and get some great photos.
The suprise of the day was being able to shoot from high up looking down on the black & white floor, which will always remind me that no matter how much I try and plan everything you just have to work with what you can on the day.

A few of the photos have been published, which is such a good feeling to see your work in print. As with all my shoots, I couldn't have done it without everyone involved so thankyou!


FP said...

Beautiful photography.
Have a nice weekend.

Charlotte Stone Photo said...

I love the simplicity Sophie, What lighting did you use?

Sophie Ellen Photography said...

Thankyou both!

I used two studio lights, one with a softbox & one with an umbrella

Veronica said...

Such cool locations!