29 May 2011

Sur Les Pointes

For my university final major project I have been working on a ballet inspired project, and can now release the final title.
Sur Les Pointes is a body of work consisting of 6 final series, 1 series chosen to be exhibited and the rest published in an accompanying book.

Artist's Statement -

Sur Les Pointes (on the tips of the toes) is a body of work inspired by the beauty of ballet, establishing a connection between this and fashion. By exploring many different aspects of the dance, this work aims to present a new take on the tradition of ballet.

The chosen exhibited images represent a collaboration between the photographer and the dancer, translating her movement into still images through digital technology. An illusion of fluidity and multiple moods is exposed, aided by the fabric and colour of the dresses.

The six different series in the accompanying book join together to show a broader look at ballet. Studies of movement, fashion, grace and theatrical performance have inspired each photo shoot.

Based on my love for fashion photography and my interest in pursuing it professionally, this collaborative project has explored ballet and fashion whilst pushing my boundaries as a photographer.

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