21 May 2011


The past couple of weeks have gone really quickly, without me updating my online accounts much so I wanted to do a brief blog post explaining.

May 12th was the big deadline day for my final major project - the last project of my time at uni & the most important (being worth a third of my degree!).
I really had to knuckle down in the couple of weeks beforehand and get my work finished, luckily I managed to and it was such a relief to hand it in. I'm usually ok with deadlines and have my work done & ready a few days beforehand, but with this project I seemed to slip quite behind with my sketchbook work as I'd spent so much time shooting and editing so I had a lot of this to catch up on.
It's all handed in now and there's nothing I can do apart from await my mark for it. Part of the mark is for our exhibition so I have a little longer to wait while we get this sorted.
We have 2 exhibitions coming up, 1 in Cambridge at our uni & the 2nd is in London at The Old Truman Brewery - I will be doing seperate blog posts soon with full details of these.

After the hand in I had a couple of days to rest (more like collapse, exhausted from all the work!) and I took some time to do a new self portrait -

I was nervous about uploading this as I haven't done any self portraits in so long, but I needed a new headshot for my website etc as I've changed a lot since I took the last one.
I feel like self portraits do show another side to the photographer & I like seeing them from other people, so I will make more effort to do more in future!

The day after this I had an interview for a job with a photography company that contacted me after seeing my website. I got the job and started a couple of days later & have spent 2 full days working there now.
It's a company that does a lot of portrait photography in schools as well as having studios over the country and I am working as a temporary photoshopper in their editing department. Fingers crossed it will be quite a bit of work for me as I'm enjoying the job so far.

From now until the end of June I'll be busy working alongside doing the exhibitions, and will be releasing so much new work from my final major project...

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