25 February 2012

Food Is Not The Enemy

Apple & cinnamon porridge with chopped nuts.
I spent ages cracking & chopping nuts for this! For years I haven't eaten nuts, believing I am allergic after reacting badly to them as a child, but recently I tried again and haven't had any problems.. so now I love pretty much all nuts.
You'll notice I also post a lot of photos of breakfast type foods, yes I eat porridge for lunch rather than breakfast but don't we all eat what we're comfortable eating over other things?....
Though to be honest I'm starting to run out of ideas of new things to try, does anyone know any nice porridge recipes/things to have with porridge?


Amey Jane said...

A couple of not so healthy ones: Golden syrup or jam.

Rosie said...

Sophie, my love!
That real letter I keep promising, words on paper, it will reach you eventually.
I'm afraid I've never been much of a porridge eater but I can relate to cereal at lunchtime. Bran flakes and banana are my current obsession x