17 March 2012

Fashion Photography Workshop

Just over a week ago I taught a fashion photography workshop for my second year photography students. They had originally said to me that they would like to work with an experienced model in the studio, with guidance about lighting/poses etc, so I planned a day workshop with the lovely Jess.
To start the day off Jess had her hair and make up done and we organised clothing that we had borrowed from the fashion students. The rest of the day was split up into individual and group slots for the students to experiment together and for me to demonstrate, as well as individual shoots to photograph a particular idea they wanted for their current project. Also the next day with them I went through editing techniques that they could use.
The day was a success and I am so thankful to Jess for being a wonderfully patient model with them and modelling so well for the wide range of ideas. It was great for me to combine my love for teaching with my love for fashion photography and this is something I will definitely do again soon!
Above is a photograph I took of Jess in between the shoots, it was great to have a model in front of my camera again =)

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Adam Rowney said...

Omg I love the tones, and I really love the darkness against her hair in this <3