7 May 2012


For the past 2 years or so our house has been for sale and we've been stuck in limbo. We've had many viewings but all with no result as the housing market has been at a standstill, especially for the first time buyers that our little house would be aimed at.
In February we viewed a lovely bungalow but by this point I had realised not to get my hopes up as any dreams would soon be shattered when it sold to someone else. However what happened next is a blur with how quickly everything happened, within a week our estate agent had secured someone to buy our house and our offer on the lovely bungalow had been accepted. The 'Sold' signs soon went up on both this and the new house.
Without much of a chain present we assumed it would be a very quick sale and we'd be moved in around the minimum time expected, but this came and went leaving us frustrated with solicitors... Though now I can finally say that we have exchanged and that this thursday we will be moving into our new house. We will finally be making that next big step and moving on with our lives.
It has been a long wait but I feel that it was all down to fate and this is the time we were meant to move, this is the house we are meant to move into.
Since getting the go ahead on our date to move things have been hectic. With work getting busy I've been at my two jobs constantly and my partner working full time too has not left us with much time to get prepared. This bank holiday weekend we have been packing non stop and now are getting close to the last few bits that will wait until the day before.
Thursday will be the start of a new chapter in our lives.

(I will be without internet for a week or so in the process of our move so won't be updating my blog much, though of course I will be taking lots of photographs that I will upload as soon as I can)

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