13 July 2012


I made a decision in January to blog more photos of my every day life and to write more on here, but we're now over half way through the year and I feel I haven't put as much effort in as I should have done. The last few months in particular I have been so consumed with work that I have barely had any time to myself so my blog has suffered because of that. So I must remember this and start carrying my camera everywhere with me!
I am now so close to finishing all work for the summer and having some time off to enjoy myself and catch up on everything I have put aside...
Since April I have been splitting my week between two jobs: Teaching at West Suffolk College and Retouching at Pret-a-Portrait. The college has now finished for the summer and I will return there in September but I won't be returning to Pret, instead focusing on teaching and my own photography. I will definitely miss Pret and all of the people there, it has been a great place to work for the past year and I recommend it to anyone local that is looking for work in the photography industry.
It has taken me a while to get back into my own photography, due to personal reasons, but I'm glad to say that I am now shooting again. But this time I am doing it simply because it is what I love doing, I just want to continue creating something beautiful and something to inspire people.
So, like usual, my summer break is looking like it's not going to be much of a break at all. I will be testing for model agencies, shooting editorials for magazines, volunteering for a charity, continuing with the work we're doing on our new house... and somewhere in there I hope to spend more time with my friends & family and those of you I've spoken about meeting for coffee etc, so please get in touch and we will =)

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