7 July 2012

West Suffolk College Exhibition

I also took photos of the fashion show, which shows the work from the Fashion & Textiles courses:
On 20th June it was the opening of the Art and Design end of year show at West Suffolk College. It was a brilliant exhibition, the whole building taken up by all of the different courses displaying what they have been working on all year. I personally think it is one of the best colleges for art in the country and this exhibition certainly showed that, so much effort had been put in by all the students and staff and it really payed off.
I work here as a photography lecturer, teaching on the BTEC National Diploma in Photography course, the same that I actually studied there. These are some photos I took showing the room of the 1st years work and the 2nd years. I haven't included absolutely everyones work here purely just because of the amount of photos that would be, but this shows a taster of how amazing everyone is.

1st year Photography room:

2nd year Photography room:

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