18 September 2012

Out Of The Shadows

My apologies for the lack of updates on my online profiles lately, things in my life are quite up & down and now the new term has started I'm busy again.
This photograph is for my self portraiture series 'Out Of The Shadows', the series so far can be seen on my website.

1 September 2012


I've wanted to work with a 'plus size' model for a while now, and with my plans for testing over the summer I contacted Hughes Models. They were happy for me to test with the stunning Tara Dee so we arranged a beauty shoot with MUA Adele Sanderson. What both I and Adele loved about Tara was her eyes and freckles, so we tried a natural and more creative look to bring these out.
Tara was a pleasure to work with and to be honest I still can't quite believe that she is classed as 'plus size', I'm glad that agencies like Hughes are available so that their models can make more of an impact in the industry.