28 April 2012

A Rainy Saturday

Thank you

I just wanted to write a post to say thank you. I have had a lot of good feedback recently on my new self portraiture work and it means a lot to me.
This time last year, or at any other point in my life to be honest, I never would have dreamt of putting myself in front of the camera. I have always suffered with self esteem/self confidence issues and it is taking a long time and lots of hard work to strive through this. I am finally getting somewhere though and not only pushing myself as a photographer, but also as a person.

27 April 2012

25 April 2012

23 April 2012

22 April 2012

15 April 2012

10 April 2012


8 April 2012

Twenty Two

Tomorrow, 9th April 2012, it is my 22nd birthday.
I begin this new year of my life with high hopes - 22 is, and has always been, my favourite number.

Happy Easter!

Bank Holiday Weekend

7 April 2012


Since moving in with my partner, I've been open about the fact that I don't like the colour he painted the lounge walls. Though of course we're lazy and with how we wanted to move anyway, we never got round to redecorating.
A couple of years later on and we are finally moving house (I have the new colours planned out already and Terracotta isn't included!), we have began sorting things out and have removed all the pictures off of the walls. In doing so we have exposed a wall in which gets the most beautiful sunlight fall upon it in the evening, gone unnoticed before. A dark corner has finally found light.

3 April 2012

1 April 2012

Last Week