20 June 2013

WSC End Of Year Show - Photography Year 2

These are photographs I took last night before the exhibition opened at West Suffolk College. Each year the Art & Design department puts on an end of year show, an exhibition showcasing work from all of the courses. This year the second year photography group was my responsibility and these photos show our section and all the work that we displayed.
I'm really proud of all of these students, they put in a lot of effort every step along the way: most of these photos displayed they have taken for their Final Major Projects which they have been working on since Easter. Most of the group are going on to study photography at university and I can guarantee they are going to continue producing amazing work.
It has been a pleasure teaching them, they were some of my first students as a lecturer at the college and its been wonderful to see them progress.


Anonymous said...

what age are the students- incredible work!

Sophie Ellen said...

2nd year National Diploma students, so around 18 - the year before they go to uni :)