18 August 2013


'Femme' is a study of feminine beauty through the medium of photography. Working with various new faces, my aim is to capture their beauty and youth. Through out this project I am experimenting with different forms of photography, using both digital and analogue photography, taking myself back to my roots of film and Polaroid.

Over the summer I have been shooting for my new project 'Femme', so far I have worked with 5 different models, 2 make up artists and 2 lingerie designers. Although I am releasing the information now, and beginning to upload the photographs, this is going to be ongoing and I will be continuing it for a while.
With this project I am capturing one of my favourite things, natural beauty, which is something that draws me to this type of photography.
I am also forcing myself back into the darkroom, shooting film alongside digital and polaroids too. It's been a while since I have used Polaroids, I shot them loads in my early days of photography whilst at college, and now with the Impossible Project film it is so different and a new form of photography for me to experiment with.
Above is a preview of photos I have shot so far, with some stunning faces from Next, Sapphires and Sandra Reynolds.
I am scouting for new faces to photograph, so if you're a model interested in working with me please do get in touch.

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