1 September 2013


I think that a lot of people don't realise quite how much effort goes into a photo shoot before it even happens! One of the main jobs being a photographer is organising, which can be tricky at times. Of course if you are a professional photographer jobs will come along that are arranged for you, which is easier. However as an artist, if there is something that you want for your portfolio then you need to take charge and shoot it yourself.
I have found over the years that arranging a full team of people to be involved in one photo shoot, on one day can be a hard task. Like many others, I have had a lot of let downs over the years & have heard a million excuses why people can't make a shoot last minute. I'm not moaning though, because I know what life is like and something can come up. But I think it is an important learning curve to accept this and move on, to build connections so you have people to call upon and to just take a deep breath and carry on.
Sometimes it can seem like a photo shoot is doomed from the start and may never happen, this certainly seemed the case with the editorial shoot I had last week. It was extremely tricky to organise due to a team member falling ill and dropping out, as well as miscommunication and last minute confirmations. It would have been so much easier for me to cancel the shoot when the first thing went wrong, but I think being so dedicated to doing what you love makes that not even an option. It all came together in the end and was amazing. As you can see from the behind the scenes photos, we had a stunning model & location, brilliant make up artist, fantastic stylist and a rail full of beautiful clothing. Sometimes I do wonder if it is worth doing this when there is so much stress, but I could never give up doing what I love.

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