30 November 2013


The past couple of months have gone so quickly, they're now a blur. I've been working constantly and now finally have a weekend to myself so I can breathe.
I love this time of year: warm clothes, hot drinks, fog across the fields in the morning... I moan about all the hype of Christmas approaching but I love it really.
I'm excited for some photography related things happening over the next couple of months, alongside the exciting news I have about my teaching. Next week I move from an 'hourly paid lecturer' to a 'permanent lecturer' in photography, in reality I am doing exactly the same job I was before but there is more security there and of course this helps in my personal life. With the new contract I will get one day off a week, as well as weekends, so I will be shooting whenever I can to continue my own work.

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Laura Borges-Ribeiro said...

Beautiful photos Sophie. And congrats on your new contract! :)