26 August 2013


I love baking but it seems I never have time to do any! This weekend I made Cinnamon rolls for the first time, which tasted amazing.. Cinnamon is one of my all time favourite things that I will have with anything sweet - I definitely recommend this recipe if you're thinking of baking some :)

18 August 2013


'Femme' is a study of feminine beauty through the medium of photography. Working with various new faces, my aim is to capture their beauty and youth. Through out this project I am experimenting with different forms of photography, using both digital and analogue photography, taking myself back to my roots of film and Polaroid.

Over the summer I have been shooting for my new project 'Femme', so far I have worked with 5 different models, 2 make up artists and 2 lingerie designers. Although I am releasing the information now, and beginning to upload the photographs, this is going to be ongoing and I will be continuing it for a while.
With this project I am capturing one of my favourite things, natural beauty, which is something that draws me to this type of photography.
I am also forcing myself back into the darkroom, shooting film alongside digital and polaroids too. It's been a while since I have used Polaroids, I shot them loads in my early days of photography whilst at college, and now with the Impossible Project film it is so different and a new form of photography for me to experiment with.
Above is a preview of photos I have shot so far, with some stunning faces from Next, Sapphires and Sandra Reynolds.
I am scouting for new faces to photograph, so if you're a model interested in working with me please do get in touch.

16 August 2013

After Glow

The full series of the 'After Glow' editorial, featured in Wove Magazine, for credits please see my previous post.

14 August 2013

Wove Magazine

My editorial 'After Glow' has been published in the new issue of Wove Magazine, which can be seen online herewith print copies available here
I shot this in June for print designer Vicki at Carter & Sykes, who is a friend and colleague of mine, to showcase her new collection of scarves. We teamed up with Adele Sanderson on hair & make up, alongside the stunning Bianca at Sapphires Model Management.
I remember it being a cold & rainy day outside, a contrast to the bright colours we were shooting in my studio! Vicki's scarves were initially inspired by the light leak at the end of a negative strip, which is why we photographed using light leaks. I'll be releasing some more photos from the shoot soon too.

12 August 2013


I've been working at the studio for a few days in a row, which has been exhausting but I still had a little energy at the end of one of the days so I thought I'd take a few new self portraits..
I wanted to photograph my new tattoo now that it has healed (which is straight along my wrist, even though it looks curved round in the photo above). It was a rose design taken from a mirror & brush set that I was given after my nan & grandad passed away, something I always remember playing with as a child. Roses are my favourite flower and I'm really happy with how the tattoo looks, If you know me well you'll know how much I love tattoos & how I'm planning quite a few more!

10 August 2013

Diamonds From Dust

If you're about Norwich this weekend, I recommend visiting Yallops Gallery to see Yelena Buck's Exhibition.
Yelena designs and hand makes beautiful lingerie, which I used for my recent shoot Wanderer and another due to be released soon. Some of these photographs were up at the exhibition, alongside four taken by Katie Eleanor. Her lingerie was exhibited on wire mannequins which I thought looked brilliant suspended from the ceiling.
Yelena (pictured in the bottom photograph) is so lovely & so talented (bearing in mind she's due to start university in September!).. I'm looking forward to another collaboration we're planning!


7 August 2013

Forgive Me

A Self Portrait I took last year at the same time as this photograph...
I find it quite unnerving looking at this series, as at the time I was going through personal struggles and I didn't at all realise that so much of that emotion would be shown through the images.

4 August 2013


2 August 2013


These photographs were taken a few weeks ago on one of the boiling hot days we've been having recently. It was a collaboration between myself, Kattreya @ Next Models, Julie Flatman doing hair and make up, and lingerie by Yelena Buck.
There are quite a few more photos to be released from this shoot soon, including some polaroids!

I expect most girls looking at these to fall in love with the amazing lingerie designed and hand made by Yelena, they were even more stunning in 'real life'.
Yelena is having an exhibition next weekend in Norwich, which I will be attending. All the details can be found here.