29 October 2013


24 October 2013


Recently I've been back in the darkroom, working with film photography alongside digital. When I started taking photographs, at the age of 15, I shot film as digital was still quite a new thing. I still have a love for film and have always wanted to use it more, but due to the expense and no access to a darkroom I haven't been able to.
Now that I am able to use it again I am experimenting a lot more and trying to push this within my work. I have been incorporating it into my Femme project and trying out new things that I haven't before.
For anyone with no experience of film photography, I highly recommend switching from digital a few times to experience what you can achieve with film.

10 October 2013

The First Day Of Autumn

On the official 'First day of Autumn', I was shooting on location in London. Working with the lovely Sharna-Marie, Adele Sanderson and 2 beautiful new faces from Leni's Models, we shot a bohemian themed editorial on Hampstead Heath.
I am in the process of editing (for some reason my life is super busy at the moment, with lots of editing and working days) and am looking forward to sharing the final photographs.
Working with a great team is part of the reason I love this kind of photography, it is so inspiring sharing ideas and collaborating, producing an outcome we're all pleased with. I'm shooting quite a bit lately, finally getting some ideas out of my head and made real!