30 November 2013


The past couple of months have gone so quickly, they're now a blur. I've been working constantly and now finally have a weekend to myself so I can breathe.
I love this time of year: warm clothes, hot drinks, fog across the fields in the morning... I moan about all the hype of Christmas approaching but I love it really.
I'm excited for some photography related things happening over the next couple of months, alongside the exciting news I have about my teaching. Next week I move from an 'hourly paid lecturer' to a 'permanent lecturer' in photography, in reality I am doing exactly the same job I was before but there is more security there and of course this helps in my personal life. With the new contract I will get one day off a week, as well as weekends, so I will be shooting whenever I can to continue my own work.

18 November 2013


Willow just came in from outside and climbed up onto my lap, soaking wet. She may be adult sized but is still very much a kitten, recently I went downstairs in the morning to find she'd got a treat box off a shelf, opened it and eaten the contents...

15 November 2013

Earth, Fire

3 November 2013


Outtakes from Light Of Day for ZEUM Magazine.

1 November 2013

Light Of Day

Light Of Day for ZEUM Magazine, available to buy here.
Thank you to my amazing team: Frances @ Sapphires, Make Up & Hair by Adele Sanderson and Styling by Alexandra Moon-Age.