9 March 2014

Eternal Home

For DeVour Magazine, view online here. Model is the stunning Sorcha, make up & hair by Julie Flatman, dress by Sanctus and leather harness by Louise McKay.
I'd planned to shoot with Sorcha for a while, I love working with local people and thought she would make a great model for my 'Femme' project. Alongside this I suggested that we shot on location too if the weather was nice for us, as I always like making the most of a day with a team. I decided that I would try my hand at styling again and got some lovely pieces from Sanctus and Louise McKay.
The day was perfect for us, there was sunlight all through out the day which was a surprise in between all the rain we'd been having. This was perfect to shoot natural lighting in my home studio & then go out on location afterwards. Though I wasn't quite expecting that we'd all bundle into my car to go on location and two minutes down the road it broke down on us! We managed to get rescued and salvage the day (& I sorted out my car later on!). Due to the delay we arrived at the location later than expected but this meant we were there as the sun was setting and casting a beautiful light over this derelict church and graveyard.

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