4 July 2014

Polaroid Experiments

Things have been quite busy recently in the lead up to summer (only a couple of weeks left at work & then I'm off for 6 weeks!) and we have finished off the year with an amazing exhibition & saying good bye to our students. Now we're tying up lose ends and beginning to plan for next year, it really goes by so quickly...
Alongside this I've taken a step further with my Femme project, experimenting with further analogue mediums and trying out a polaroid land camera that I've added to my collection. I tested it out on willing (and not so willing!) subjects: myself, our cats, work colleagues, so I got the grips of it before using it on a shoot.
So, last weekend I teamed up with Adele and we photographed a couple of new faces, Eliza @ Established and Rosie @ Profile. I'm currently working my way through the photos so will have some uploaded soon.

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