30 December 2014


I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU! to everyone that has been there/worked with me/supported me this year, it's been great!
The year has gone quickly and has had good and bad points, as always. Though I do feel like I've achieved a lot and am moving into 2015 with some exciting things on the way.

I'm writing this now alongside looking back through previous blog posts to refresh my memory of what I was doing throughout the year, I can't believe it was in January I taught myself to use a medium format camera and film. This has become a huge part of my work. This year I also started using polaroid film again and learnt to use a polaroid land camera. Again, this has become a big part of my personal work now. Leaning back towards using film has taken me back to my roots of how I learnt photography and reignited my passion for analogue mediums.
Also in the spring I had my biggest shoot yet for Olympus Magazine, which involved a brilliant team (including birds of prey) and resulted in us achieving the cover.
Moving closer to summer I was shooting regularly for Femme, but had to take a step back from larger projects due to personal reasons (I became ill and got worse over a period of time but luckily I was diagnosed and now receive regular injections to keep my body healthy). At the end of summer I improved and started planning exciting shoots again!
I worked with the wonderful Annie Hertikova on a shoot for Bricks Magazine and 2 further editorials due to be released soon. Adele Sanderson was another creative I regularly collaborated with and blew me away with the glitter make up on our editorial for Material Girl.
During the second half of the year, I also started photographing male models. This was unexpected but really beneficial as I enjoyed it more than I thought! Shooting with Josh then led me on to more, which reminds me that I need to upload the results from a boys day with Adele.
I've also gained more commercial work this year and I'm really thankful to my clients for putting their trust in me. I'm hoping to work with more up and coming brands next year.
I'll be here all day if I mention every single person and every single thing I've worked on this year, so there's the highlights! I've kept this blog relatively up to date so please do scroll back to see the range of work I've produced.
Thank you all you amazing people :) xx

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