20 February 2015

Day after Day

I haven't been posting much online lately and to be honest I don't have an excuse! I've been busy as always, teaching and shooting, and it seems the days are passing by so quickly.
I currently have three unpublished editorials that I'm excited to upload when I can, towards the end of 2014 my work started taking a different direction and I'm keen to share the results. At the beginning of this year I lost the studio space I was regularly renting (as it was put up for sale) and to be honest this has meant hours of searching for a good, cheap, equivalent with no luck. Good daylight spaces in London are proving hard to find and with the winter upon us, hard to see their potential. I am looking forward to long summer days with sunlight streaming through windows, looking through the viewfinder of a rusty old film camera and capturing something beautiful... (also being able to shoot on location without the model freezing!).
It has been a great start to the year so far and the months ahead are looking promising, exciting plans are being put into motion and I am content.

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