6 September 2015

Tears For Murphy

I think it was at least a year ago that Joel asked me if I wanted to get involved in a project idea he had featuring teenagers and rabbits... fast-forward to now and I'm pleased to say we had a very successful exhibition on Thursday!
'Tears for Murphy is a collaborative exhibition organised by Mr. Millerchip that focuses on how young generations visually grieve, by turning the death of a real life family pet into a contemporary one night wake exhibition at Doomed Gallery.
Artists involved are: Leigh Jennings, Sophie Ellen, Vinnie Nylon, Patrick Schmidt, Malarky, Jack Teagle, Donya Todd, Darren John Colourbox and more'
For the project I photographed a range of Polaroid images, featuring the oversized rabbit heads created by Leigh, it was brilliant seeing these displayed amongst such a diverse range of artwork all created to the same theme.
Thank you to Joel for bringing us altogether, Doomed Gallery for hosting us and Jameson for the sponsorship.

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