25 April 2016


Eva @ SUPA, Make up & Hair by Charlotte Yeomans.

17 April 2016


As you may know, alongside my own photography I also teach. At this time of year it is a bit all-consuming to be honest, a lot of effort goes into the last project(s) of the year in the lead up to the end of year exhibitions (and for us lecturers, the assessments). So during the Easter break I made a commitment to myself that I would arrange a photo shoot to ensure I keep focused.
I’ve been waiting for months to be able to release two editorials, so I decided to photograph something more stripped back, something to remind me why I photograph models and pursue fashion photography…

Hannah popped by the studio for a couple of hours before going on to another shoot.  It was first thing in the morning but a breath of fresh air to wake me up after an early train journey in. After Charlotte finished make up & hair I captured a couple of different looks and Hannah went on her way.